Osigu announces US$7.5 Million in funding – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Osigu, a leading real-time claims processing and e-prescription platform in Latin America, announced today that it had secured $7.5 million in a new round of funding led by IDC Ventures and followed by strategic investors including, Jose Vargas, co-founder of Healthcare.com, a leading digital health insurance company. The financing will help strengthen Osigu‘s ML algorithms, AI features, and expansion into the Colombian Market. 

Osigu has developed a cutting-edge technology that exchanges data and interacts with payers and healthcare providers, making it possible to automate electronic claims and payments. With a single integration, Osigu’s API infrastructure enhances communication between payers and providers to expedite claims and obtain real-time responses without human interaction. The company seeks to eliminate the need for tedious phone calls, filling out paper forms, and conforming to numerous payer’s web portals. As a result, payers and providers minimize administrative and back-office costs, reduce fraud, and patients get timely access to care. 

Osigu has clients in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Spain. With the latest financing round, the company aims to increase its presence in the Colombian market, a TAM of USD $12 Billion, targeting the over 650M claims manually processed each year.

“We see a massive opportunity in the healthcare and insurance space in emerging markets such as LATAM. Mostly every medical transaction is paper-based, and the ecosystems are highly fragmented with local small and mid-software companies that don’t use any data standardization. What happened 15-20 years ago in the developed healthcare system is starting now in Latam. We feel very motivated and responsible for solving this massive healthcare problem. Our solutions bring many benefits to payers and providers, but most importantly, enhance the patient’s experience across the board,” states Fernando Botrán, CEO and co-founder of Osigu.                            

IDC Ventures is excited to partner with Osigu, the technology adoption in Latin America is lagging, specially in the healthcare system, creating an exponential opportunity for Osigu to solve a huge problem and improve healthcare delivery in the region,” added Bobby Aitkenhead, Managing Partner at IDC Ventures

“I am a big believer in the application of technology to improve healthcare delivery, patience experience and healthcare costs and Osigu is positioned to be a change catalyst across Latin America and the World,” added Jose Vargas, co-founder of Healthcare.com. “ I am excited and humbled to join the board of Osigu and be part of their mission to improve the healthcare ecosystem.”

In connection with this funding round, Jose Vargas and Gabriel Mesa (MD, and former CEO of one of the leading health insurance companies in Colombia for more than 14 years) have joined the Osigu board of directors.