#MeetTheMembers – Docline

Meet the BHH members! BHH shines a spotlight on all members in short interviews. They tell you about their work, their biggest successes and failures, and much more. Keep track of this  #MeetTheMembers  series and learn more about BHH‘s digital health ecosystem.

In this interview, CEO Omar Najid tells us many interesting things about his company Docline. Docline, digital health, offers telemedicine solutions to healthcare professionals, hospitals, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and corporations in general.We aim to facilitate online communication between doctor and patient through a secure and robust platform that offers video consultation services, medical chat, electronic prescriptions and patient management. We take care of the user experience and facilitate access to a digital hospital that offers 24/7 general medicine and paediatrics and a digital medical directory of 3,000 specialists in more than 35 on-demand medical specialities.

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