Join the Executive Master in Digital Healthcare and get a special scholarship – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Building a workforce who can understand the opportunities of the digital disruptions is a key aspect in the digital transformation that the healthcare industry is facing. 

The transformative potential of technologies is optimizing the way in which public and private health is managed, creating digital solutions to improve the quality of life of all citizens. Therefore, the healthcare ecosystem needs more than ever to go hand in hand with today’s digital disruptions. 

Do not miss the opportunity to be one of the leaders who are transforming this gap between health and technology. Join the Executive Master in Digital Healthcare, an  interdisciplinary program of the Barcelona Technology School, led by leaders of digital transformation, medicine and the pharmaceutical world. It is designed for active professionals who wants to take advantage of the exponential power of digital innovation to transform the health and pharma systems. 

It provides you with the necessary tools, methods, legal framework, and technological expertise of the health ecosystem to develop and implement patient-centric solutions, while you interact and network with peers from across the globe working for public and private health sectors, and companies such as Sanofi, Roche, Bayer, among others.

As part of the Barcelona Health Hub community, you can apply for one of the special scholarships for the participation in this February edition (available in an on-campus and online modality, 100% in English). 

You will find more information about the Executive Master in Digital Healthcare here and you can contact Cecilia Grateron directly to get more details about the program and its opportunities.