Barcelona Health Hub is proud to annouce that Amgen joins its digital health ecosystem

Health and digital are two words that are inextricably linked in 21st century medicine. That is why Amgen has joined the Barcelona Health Hub with a collaboration agreement to promote knowledge, dissemination, innovation and research in digital health.

BHH is a non-profit association located in Barcelona which, since its foundation in 2018, has the mission to accelerate the transformation in digital health and its transfer to the healthcare sector through collaboration between its more than 300 members, including multinationals, start-ups, private and public healthcare institutions, investors and universities. It also aims to position the Catalan capital as a benchmark in the field of digital health, not only in Spain but also globally.

“With our entry into Barcelona Health Hub we want to contribute to the transformation of the healthcare ecosystem in our country and cooperate with the different agents that promote the digitisation of this sector,” explains Fina Lladós, Amgen‘s General Manager for Spain and Portugal. “That is why we will bring all our knowledge in biotechnology, genetics, big data and innovative tools to the service of clinicians, managers and patients,” she stresses.

“We are delighted to have Amgen join Barcelona Health Hub and to be able to count on its innovative spirit and first-class scientific knowledge,” explains Eva Rosell, General Manager of Barcelona Health Hub. “There are not many companies that can say they have grown from three employees to more than 25,000 worldwide in just 40 years. Amgen‘s success story will undoubtedly be an inspiration for our start-up ecosystem,” explains Rosell.

Among the most outstanding activities of the BHH in recent years are the preparation of the #YoPacienteDigital report on telemedicine and its benefits for healthcare systems; the launch of the Barcelona Health Hub 5G Design, a laboratory focused on the co-creation of e-health solutions based on 5G technology; and the coordination of events on digital health such as the #BHHSummit and the E-Health Investment Forum.