Live event: Accelerate Digital Health with Oracle for Startups on February 24 at the BHH Headquarters!

Oracle for Startups is coming to the BHH Headquarters on Thursday February 24 and they are eager to meet the startups!

From 10:00 hrs until 16:00 hrs, experts from Oracle for Startups join startups and BHH to discuss trends in healthcare, life science, and all things wellness. We will also cover how Oracle technology is an enabler to innovation in this space, contributing to the greater good. These sessions will be of interest for founders, creators, and developers, taking place February 24 at 10:00 – 16:00 hrs CET at the BHH headquarters.

Interested? Space is limited, so be sure to sign up and secure your seat for this event of Oracle for Startups! Registration is possible until Tuesday February 22nd. SIGN UP HERE!


10:00 hrs: Introduction and Welcome Oracle for Startups – How we can help!

10:30 hrs: SESSION 1: Virtual Masterclass: Trends and Insights in Telemedicine
by Alexandra Ehrlich, Innovation Scientist

Healthcare has been at the verge of fully integrating and embracing virtual care platforms and Telemedicine for over a decade. Accelerated by the pandemic, we have seen a growing demand from providers and patients alike for uptake and optimization of remote care methods, approaches, and above all, the enabling technology, and platforms. This session will provide an overview on the state of virtual care and the opportunities and challenges the growing demands present to solution providers.

12:00 hrs: SESSION 2: Masterclass: Creating Opportunity from Volatility
by Guillermo Ruiz, Developer Evangelist

What changes, challenges and opportunities will our post-pandemic world hold for business, and for our lives? We aim to think that future is just an extension of the past, but it’s a reinvention of everything that we know.

13:30 hrs: lunch break

14:30 hrs: SESSION 3: Oracle Technology Overview – from AI, Cloud Native to HPC
by Denny Alquinta, Cloud Architect

An overview of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure technologies and how they can enable creativity in innovation to solve business challenges. Including discussion of typical use cases and some examples of startup success stories.

16:00 hrs: End