Do women in business and economics need to be more visible?

The radio show “Revolution 4.0” of Catalunya Ràdio joins Women’s Day with a special programme recorded at the Old Damm Factory in Barcelona with the participation of 70 entrepreneurs, managers and ICT women to discuss the role of women in the business and economic sphere. BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell was proud to be one of them!

The programme, with the slogan #SostresDeVidre of Catalunya Ràdio’s Women’s Week, discussed the need to make women in business and economics much more visible. An idea that is spreading: not to participate in proceedings or round tables where there is only one woman and the rest of the participants are men. The need or not to maintain quotas for women’s presence was also discussed, as well as sectors where there is still a lot of machismo and the role that education and the media have to play in making women more visible.

Interested? Listen to it in Catalan here!