Genomcore receives almost one million Euros from Next Generation EU in the largest funded Artificial Intelligence project – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Genomcore S.L., also known for its line of personalized health services under the brand Made of Genes, announces from its business line of consulting and digital solutions environment biomedical data governance its participation in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence project DIPCAN (Digitization and integrated management of personalized medicine). This project granted from the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA), the highest body of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, is provided with funding from the European Union, within the Next Generation EU program, which will cover approximately 7.5 million euros of the consortium’s overall budget (10,692,931 euros) and where Genomcore will receive 919,610.22 euros of these European funds out of a total budgeted amount of 1,149,512.77 euros (80%).

DIPCAN, aims to change clinical practice in the area of oncology, betting on personalized medicine, where from a better knowledge of the oncological disease of each patient, personalized treatment therapies directed to the molecular alterations found will be possible. To this end, an Artificial Intelligence system will be developed based on the integration of different sources of clinical, radiomic, histopathological and genetic data from a total of 2000 patients with metastatic cancer in Spain.

The integration, structuring and analysis of this data will allow the generation of a standardized clinical report, a digital histopathology report with corresponding images, a total body magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) report, a sequencing and gene expression report, as well as the final recommendation by the oncologist that will help to better understand the disease and enable the patient’s access to state-of-the-art therapies and clinical trials.

The project will last two years and, apart from Genomcore, will include the participation of leading companies in the sector such as the MD Anderson Foundation Spain, Eurofins Megalab, Artelnics, Pangaea Oncology, Quibim and Atrys Health.

Within the development of the project, Genomcore will lead and coordinate the integration, structuring and governance of data following the strategic line of the company in offering digital solutions that allow the effective implementation of personalized medicine in clinical environments where the management of personal data is critical to comply with current regulations in terms of security and privacy, while its standardization for a multidisciplinary treatment.

In the words of Dr. Oscar Flores, Genomcore‘s CEO: “We are living the digital transformation of the healthcare sector towards a data-driven medicine of a complexity that has never been seen before. To the volume of biomedical data derived from -omics techniques is added its highly sensitive personal and clinical data nature, which requires not only an extensive mastery of technology but also new protocols and implementations aware of the regulatory environment and patients’ rights.” He also adds: “From Genomcore, we are proud to have positioned ourselves as the reference partner in the management of personal bio-health data for the implementation of personalized medicine by both hospitals, research centers or the biopharmaceutical industry with disruptive projects such as DIPCAN.”