Join the webinar about #IWD2022 and discover how to #breakthebias on March 11

Grit International Female Accelerator celebrates the International Women’s Week #IWD2022 by bringing together female international experts in a webinar to discuss how we must break the bias. The aim is to strive for a workforce that will promote gender equality, and raise awareness against biases that lead to conscious and unconscious discrimination against women.

Moderator and CEO of Grit International Female AcceleratorDiane Nevin will talk with Rachel Obrike, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme lead at Innovate UK, Anita Galić, Founder & Executive Director at Health Hub HR – Point of Connection in Healthcare, and BHH’s Chief Communication Officer Marja Huiskamp.

Join this webinar on Friday March 11 at 12 pm CET! For more information and to register see HERE.