#MeetTheMembers – Doctomatic

Meet the BHH members! BHH shines a spotlight on all members in short interviews. They tell you about their work, their biggest successes and failures, and much more. Keep track of this  #MeetTheMembers  series and learn more about BHH‘s digital health ecosystem.

In this interview for the #MeetTheMembers series meet Frederic LLordachs, CEO and Co-Founder of Doctomatic. Doctomatic is a device and pathology agnostic remote patient monitoring tool. Using Doctomatic, extends the reach of doctors to patients’ homes, ensuring that they are correctly monitoring their health data. This data will allow to add value to care structures by offering better diagnosis, treatment and management of these conditions. Doctomatic’s mission is to save lives by using AI as a preventative healthcare tool. Technology ensures that conditions are detected before they worsen and reduces both chronic conditions and associated comorbidities. 



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