Barcelona Health Hub commits to corporate social responsibility with an agreement with Fundación Kālida

Barcelona Health Hub is growing every day and with that growth rises the urge to become more socially accountable. BHH aims to impact the community, not only by promoting digital health, but also by encouraging social initiatives.

Therefore BHH has recently signed an agreement with Fundación Kālida. Kālida promotes a psychosocial support model for people with cancer, their families, and caregivers. It creates centres located within walking distance of oncology services of leading public hospitals in cancer treatment, in buildings specially designed to create a warm, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere. Kālida´s support programme is completely free of charge and it is inspired by Maggie’s Centres, the international network providing free cancer support and information.

With this collaboration, Barcelona Health Hub hopes to inspire and to improve the well-being for all, at all ages and all stages of life. BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell sat down next to Kālida’s Director Joan Reventós to sign the agreement. BHH is looking forward to future collaboration within this partnership!