Participate in the Vall d’Hebron Simulation Week from 25th to 29th of April – #BHHMembersInitiatives

From 25 to 29 April, BHH member Vall d’Hebron celebrates for the first time the Simulation Week, which will take place in the new Advanced Clinical Simulation Centre on the 5th floor of the Traumatology, Rehabilitation and Burns Hospital. This centre includes a new High Complexity Area with the recreation of healthcare spaces such as an ICU box, an operating theatre, an emergency room, outpatient consultations and virtual simulators.

Through round tables, symposiums, showrooms and exhibitions, the latest developments in simulation as a training tool for professionals will be explained. Gamification and virtual reality, integration of simulation with care services and its role in the training of residents will be some of the issues addressed.

Would you like to take part in this event and find out what Vall d’Hebron has to offer in simulation? Take a look at the Simulation Week website and register for the activities that interest you most!