#BHHInterview with Miquel Balcells of Amgen: “Let’s simplify management of advanced chronic patients”

BHH member Amgen keeps pushing forward innovation in digital health. This pioneer in biotechnology visited the Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters the other day for their internal strategic event. BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell took the opportunity to ask some pressing questions to Miquel Balcells, Medical Director of Amgen.

In this #BHHInterview, Miquel explains why Amgen decided to become a part of the Barcelona Health Hub ecosystem. He also talks about why he believes that the biggest challenge for the future is simplifying the management of advanced chronic patients, while improving the interaction with the healthcare system.

And to top it all, you will also find out if Miquel prefers wine or the typical Spanish “vermut”.. check it out in this the interview in Spanish here!

Miquel Balcells and Eva Rosell at the Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters