#MeetTheMembers – Fundación iSYS

Meet the BHH members! BHH shines a spotlight on all members in short interviews. They tell you about their work, their biggest successes and failures, and much more. Keep track of this  #MeetTheMembers  series and learn more about BHH‘s digital health ecosystem.

In this interview for the #MeetTheMembers series meet Francisco Grajales, Vicepresident of Fundación iSYS. iSYS is a foundation (non-profit organization) that aims to develop digital health social projects. The objective of the iSYS Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of the health and the quality of life of the population, through the generation and dissemination of knowledge of excellence in the health field from the use of the Networks (Internet). Don’t miss this great interview to learn more about them. 


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