Event of INECO: open discussion with Facundo Manes

Next May 19th at 10:30 am CET, Facundo Manes, an Argentine neuroscientist, will be visiting Barcelona Health Hub to participate in an open discussion on technology and innovation regarding neuroscience.

Facundo Manes is a neurologist, neuroscientist and has a postgraduate in the Buenos Aires University and Cambridge University, England, where he obtained his PhD in Science. He is an investigator in CONICET and has published over 230 investigations in prestigious international scientific journals. Apart form that, he was the first Spanish speaking President of the International Frontotemporal Dementia Society and a consultant of the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit of the Medical Research Council belonging to the Universidad of Cambridge (Inglaterra).

In 2005 Facundo created INECO (Cognitive Neuroscience Institute). This institution has just been established in Spain and is a BHH member. They are happy to invite investigators, entrepreneurs and those interested in topics regarding neuroscience.

Interested to join the open discussion LIVE at the BHH Headquarters this Thursday May 19th? Guarantee your place and sign up here!