Madrid’s doctors can use Docline Telemedicine and E-Prescription Platform thanks to the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Madrid (ICOMEM) has reached an agreement with BHH member Docline so that all its members will have free access to the telemedicine platform to carry out their online consultations with their patients.

Registered doctors will have the most complete telemedicine platform on the market, offering the patient:

  • Private consultation service by video consultation
  • Free approved electronic prescriptions that can be picked up at the more than 22,000 pharmacies throughout Spain that have a real-time connection with Docline
  • Digital prescription of analytical tests
  • Clinical history that can be shared with other health professionals.
  • Chat and direct messaging services, complying with the RGPD protocol for health data security and confidentiality
  • Payment gateway for the instant collection of fees and more than 15 functionalities aimed at helping the doctor to digitize their consultation and attend to their patients online.

For Docline, the patient is at the centre of their health with access to their own clinical history, where all the information regarding their health is stored and can be shared with other doctors, pharmacists, specialists, clinics or hospitals, similar to the interoperable digital clinic of the IDIS Foundation.

This agreement is a change in the corporate paradigm which has great importance for ICOMEM due to the size and scope of the project at a national level, and in its commitment to helping doctors in the innovation and digital transformation of their private practice, which will allow the members of Madrid open their agendas online and help patients from any province in Spain, without having to travel.

Never before have 50,000 doctors been able to access a telemedicine platform and commence their non-face-to-face consultations in less than 24 hours, without the need to open an office with all the legal, administrative and health requirements that this entails.

Docline is the most complete telemedicine platform in the health sector. Its trajectory and experience since its inception in 2015 has allowed it to position itself as a benchmark in both the private and public health sectors. To date, Docline has enabled more than 100,000 video consultations and 150,000 monthly medical chats, which has contributed to reducing waiting times by up to 90% and visits to the emergency room by 50%.