#BHHTeamTalks – Meet Gala González!

Barcelona Health Hub keeps growing and BHH is pleased to introduce to you Gala González, BHH’s brand new Events Officer.

Gala, welcome to the Barcelona Health Hub team! It’s a pleasure to have you with us. Can you please introduce yourself?

¡Sure! My name is Gala and I’m 21 years old. I started working at BHH in March, in charge of the organization of the #BHHSummit Iberoamérica. If my name sounds familiar, that’s probably why. To all those who know me by email…. Hello again! As for studies, I’m one month away from finishing my degree in Public Relations and advertising. It’s almost finished! I love my job, and how great the office and the coworkers are… they make it even better.

Can you tell us a little about what you are doing at BHH?

As I was telling you earlier, since I joined BHH I have been in charge of the #BHHSummit Iberoamérica. Now that it has already taken place (I hope you enjoyed it), the challenge of planning the #BHHSummit, which will be celebrated in October, begins. I’m so excited!

Why are you passionate about organizing events?

I started working at 16 years old in communication and events, and I fell in love with it so hard that I knew immediately I wanted to work in it. Being in contact with people, the environment, the innovative projects, getting to know new places…. All these things are what make the field of events my favorite area to work in.

What made you join Barcelona Health Hub?

To be honest, I fell in love with the location of the offices from the very first moment. The Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau is an incredible place to hold events and to work. The fact that they gave me the opportunity to work specifically on my passion, events, and that they put me in charge of an event as exciting as the #BHHSummit Iberoamérica was also decisive in my decision to join the team. The truth is that once I started working at BHH, I saw that it had been a very good decision.

Did you have any prior experience of digital health?

Not exactly. I was working in the health sector as a community manager, handling branding and social media. Digital communication, in broad terms. This gave me the opportunity to see how networking works in the healthcare world and to learn a lot about this field before joining BHH.