Event by Acció gathered many experts at the BHH Headquarters

Yesterday Acció organized an event at the BHH Headquarters. Many experts of Acció gave different speeches, in order to inform startups and corporates about the benefits of public grants and Next Generation funds in the health field. Furthermore, as the speeches were made, the experts gave the opportunity to the attendees to solve their doubts individually, giving a professional approach to all their concerns and goals.

Many BHH members such as WiseAngle, INECO, Timblo, Roda Cosmetics, Mediktor, Bitac and DigimEvo attended the event. They could solve their questions thanks to Anna Borrell Calvó Senior Consultant at the Next Generation EU Office, Laia Pes Coordinator of entrepreneurship projects at Acció and Albert Torruella Corporate Venturing Manager at Acció.


BHH members and Acció experts during the event.


Some examples of the BHH members that had the opportunity to participate in the one to one session

Anna Borrell Calvó during the one to one session with Bitac.

Anna Borrell Calvó with Roda Cosmetics.

Anna Borrell Calvó during the personalized session with DigimEvo.