Webinar: Anticipating burn-out and absenteeism by BHH member Timblo – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Join BHH member Timblo’s webinar “Anticipating burn-out and absenteeism” this Wednesday, July 27th! This webinar is dedicated to mental health at work and how burn-out can be prevented. Explore with Timblo new tools to find a solution and support your employees in difficult times!

The webinar features important keynote speakers in the coaching and psychology arena as well as wellbeing consultant Timblo. Do not miss the opportunity to anticipate stressful times at work. If you manage teams, remotely or in person, this webinar is a perfect chance of utilizing at best your time prior to the holidays. Join this informal talk among experts with plenty of space for Q&A and a bonus digital tool at the end!

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