How does your medtech regulatory team stack up? Participate in 2022 MedTech Regulatory Benchmark Study by Veeva – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Did you know that 36% of medtech companies surveyed in 2021 still managed regulatory content on local hard drives and file shares?* Regulatory modernization has become imperative as we face global change, like EU MDR and UDI, but medtech is still lagging. To better understand how the industry is progressing, BHH member Veeva MedTech is conducting the Second Annual Medtech Regulatory Benchmark Study.

Have your say too by completing the short survey. Results will reveal how well the industry has integrated regulatory affairs across all stages of product development. Click here to take part in the study! Completing the survey takes approximately 5 minutes. If specified, Veeva  will share the full benchmark report, including best practice recommendations, with you upon study completion.

*Veeva MedTech 2021 Regulatory Benchmark Report