#BHHTeamTalks – Say goodbye to Ana Margallo!

The past few months Ana Margallo has accompanied Barcelona Health Hub as the communication intern. Many of you may recognise her as the face of the #MeetTheMembers series. It has been a pleasure to have Ana in the BHH Team!

Ana, what made you join Barcelona Health Hub in the first place?

It all began this May when I finished my second year of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing at university. I was thinking of doing some internship in order to have a first-hand view of the communication world and a real approach to a company. The moment I found out that BHH was hiring an intern I didn’t hesitate to explore more about them. The fact that it’s a private non-profit association focused on digital health and has an international projection made me decide so quickly and sign up for the offer.

What did you learn at BHH?

It’s really difficult for me to sum up all the things I learnt, because it goes far beyond a routine where tasks are done exactly in the same way, I can say that everyday was a complete challenge. In broad terms, I learnt how to get in touch with different audiences, using different communication channels.

What surprised you the most? 

A good surprise was the team’s warm welcome, since day one I sensed a great work environment. BHH team is united and they work daily to achieve their goals. Furthermore, BHH Headquarters are amazing. Both facts were truly motivation to develop my tasks.

Can you tell us a little about your future plans?

I want to keep learning in the communication field, although I am really interested in PR I am looking forward to any experience that can nurture my knowledge.