Male infertility: breaking taboo – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Man, since the dawn of time, he has been characterized by plenty of adjectives: strong, combative, courageous, etc. But why is it so complicated for this superhero to talk about male infertility?

A quite challenging question that may raise several questions. In a society that wishes to be egalitarian and in which feminist movements are getting more and more importance, how is it that male infertility remains taboo? Through this article, BHH member Microptic will share some of the issues.

Infertility is not just female

We tend to mistakenly think that infertility is a female matter. Indeed, it is on the woman’s body that the embryo is created and will be growing up. It is true that when a couple is having difficulties in conceiving a child, we will first start doing various examinations and analysis to the woman. However, many scientific studies have been able to demonstrate that the origin of infertility is 50% from male factors and 50% from female factors. We have to keep in mind that an embryo is the union of an egg and a spermatozoon, each of those two gametes play a crucial role in the development of the future child. To know the quality of the sperm is essential for the succeed of the fertility treatment. Both couples and specialist should pay attention carefully to semen analysis results.

Virility threat?

When a man is going through troubles to procreate, a ton of emotions can emerge, it is completely legitimate. The announcement of an infertility diagnosis is never easy to accept. The man can feel his virility decreasing, the feeling of helplessness is also often noticed. Some patients explain that since the announcement of their infertility, sex life has been substantially affected. However, it must be very well understood that the concept of male infertility is completely dissociated from the concept of virility or sexual proficiency. It has absolutely nothing to do.

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