Meet the intelligent robot Temi of Grupo Saltó at the BHH Headquarters

Did you already meet the intelligent robot Temi at the BHH Headquarters? Creator and BHH member Grupo Saltó placed her in the Hub so you can interact with her. She is the newest addition to the BHH family and she will follow you around the Hub!

Grupo Saltó is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of maintenance services in IT environments for large companies (banking, public administration, industry) with national activity. In 2011, their technological platform SOM was created for the efficient management of operations with IOT technology. The platform connects with smart devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for interaction with social robots. The goal is to put technology at the service of people.

The idea of the project was to bring the elderly closer to technology and improve their lives.  This was born from the company’s presentation to the 5G Challenge proposed by the MWC Foundation in 2019. The aim of the challenge was titled “Improving the quality of life for elderly (at home) through Technology”. Grupo Saltó won the challenge with the concept of a robot capable of acting as an assistant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

The first phase of the pilot was a great success and at the end of last year the second pilot test was launched. Currently it is in progress, with about 100 users who signed up for the project on behalf of the City Council of BCN. Taking into account the requests and recommendations of the users, this second phase has evolved with a more interactive robot model that is better adapted to their needs.

The robot helps to remind its users about daily tasks, such as taking pills or an upcoming birthday of a family member. It also has facial recognition and mapping of the rooms in the house, which makes the robot move around easily. In case the user feels unwell, it can alert the robot, which will contact emergency services or a family member.

Interested in the possibilities the robot offers? Get in touch with Grupo Saltó here!