Columbia Memorial Health launches the region’s first digital “symptom checker” powered by Mediktor – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) today announced the launch of its state of the art digital “Symptom Checker” technology—the region’s first online virtual medical assistant that will allow patients to efficiently assess and triage their symptoms and quickly access the care they need. The service is an advanced symptom checking tool that combines the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms with Natural Language processing and Machine Learning techniques to provide a human-like and easy to use experience to the user.

The virtual assistant is available to everyone in the state of New York. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Patients simply can enter their symptoms in their own words. BHH member Mediktor’s AI-based white labeled virtual assistant will perform the triage through a series of simple questions to develop a patient-specific recommendation that will direct them to the right level of care.

Patients benefit by being directed to the most appropriate point of entry to care, therebyreducing wait times and eliminating any unnecessary steps or interactions. The net impact will be a more seamless and simple experience for the patient and more efficient utilization of medical services.

Dr. Ronald Pope, CMH’s Vice President of Medical Services, Care Centers, said: “CMH is working every day to provide high quality, compassionate care to our community. This state of the art technology represents the next step in our commitment to continually advance the quality and accessibility of our services. In every instance, this service will guide patients to a care provider whose expertise and experience best match the patient’s needs. It’s a big step into the future of medicine that will provide a more efficient, effective and pleasant experience for our patients.”

Vicenç Ferrer, Mediktor’s Managing Director NYC Office, said: “We are very excited about this partnership that is totally aligned with our mission to collaborate with leading healthcare systems to improve access to healthcare worldwide. Mediktor’s technology will
empower CMH established and non-established patients by offering them healthcare guidance at the first onset of symptoms, increasing the overall patient experience and quality of care.”

The new CMH Symptom Checker service can be accessed on the CMH homepage, on the CMH App (available at the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android, or directly here.