Discover “The Secrets of Successful IRT Standardization” by Bayer and Suvoda – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The increase in complex, global clinical trials is creating more demand for Interactive Response Technology (IRT) systems to manage the many variables of complicated patient and supply logistics. As this demand has grown, many organizations are seeking vendor collaboration and support to streamline IRT use.

One area of opportunity for streamlining is standardization across the organization. With multiple trials being conducted and a mix of IRT experience in individual teams, a lack of standardization can result in redundant work as well as overall inconsistency. By creating and implementing standards for IRT use, sponsors and CROs are not only able to realize a consistent, quality IRT experience, but also free individual study teams to focus on protocol-specific needs.

Establishing IRT standards for all studies can seem challenging with infinite variables to consider, as well as management in an environment of constant change. And yet, a consistent process can benefit trial teams and the organization by ensuring predictable timelines and solutions that are scalable across trials.

Two BHH members Suvoda and Bayer, in partnership with Fierce Biotech, will be presenting  “The Secrets of Successful IRT Standardization” on Tuesday, September 27th at 17:00 hrs CET.

This webinar will reveal how Bayer standardized their core IRT modules to establish a repeatable process for all of their clinical trials.

Featured Speakers

  • Julia Redgate, Bayer, IRT System and Supplier Manager
  • Giada Corvino, Suvoda, Services Delivery Manager

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