Gebro Pharma and Barcelona Health Hub collaborate to promote innovation in the field of digital health

Pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Gebro Pharma has reached a cooperation agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to sponsor and promote joint initiatives to foster innovation in the digital health sector.

“By joining this health ecosystem, we are reinforcing our constant commitment to innovation, one of the pillars of our growth. We hope to collaborate actively in the Hub and that this will lead to new products and services that improve the health and lives of the patients we focus on,” says Sergi Aulinas, CEO of Gebro Pharma.

According to Cristian Pascual, president of BHH, “having Laboratorios Gebro Pharma as a collaborating partner will allow us to share information and grow our network of contacts with public and private institutions to promote technological acceleration, innovation and the development of solutions in the field of digital health that help to improve people’s lives.”

With this agreement, Gebro Pharma reinforces its commitment to innovation and joins other collaborations in R&D, an area led by Ivet Vall, director of business development and innovation.

In addition to this recent alliance, Gebro Pharma and the startup HumanITcare have completed a pilot digital health project “ITcareASMA”, within the framework of an innovation aid programme of the Agència per la Competitivitat de l’Empresa (ACCIÓ) of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to implement a remote monitoring solution that will allow the specialist to digitally track different parameters of the asthmatic patient remotely.

The laboratory has also established collaborations with two leading pharmaceutical companies in the area of innovation, Novartis and BIT Pharma, with whom it has signed marketing agreements in Spain for several products in the Respiratory and Central Nervous System areas, respectively.

Gebro Pharma has also recently renewed its collaboration agreement with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and IDIBAPS to research photodynamic therapy as a new treatment approach for glioblastoma, a pathology for which there have been no significant advances in the last decade.

With this agreement, BHH expands its policy of collaborations with large public and private corporations, such as those recently signed with the Barcelona City Council, BBVA and the Mobile World Capital.