Hospital Clinic allies with Bitac’s SaaS platform Orbits – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Last year, BHH member Hospital Clínic of Barcelona signed a contract for the coding of clinical information with BHH member Bitac, a company that develops and specializes in the implementation of the ORBITS platform. It is an advanced terminology server that, combined with other tools, is capable of converting data into computable information and useful knowledge. The project is expected to be fully operational this year.

This interoperability progress in the domain of digital health, standardizes the descriptive nomenclatures used by hospital professionals. In other words, through the SaaS tool ORBITS and its vehicular language SNOMED CT, Bitac converts clinical language into standard codes that can be shared internationally.

It is not the first time that there have been incompatibilities in sharing information between health organizations at a semantic level since each center uses a different language to refer to the same pathology. Over the years, duplicate records have accumulated in the information systems, making daily operations difficult. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 80% of clinical information is described in natural language and, therefore, only 20% of the data is structured. Thus, Bitac‘s mission is to “offer the highest level of precision and specialization in terminology services to help health professionals analyze and share their information in electronic health environments”.

Alliance between the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Bitac to structure the information

This platform also works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms combining the terminology server with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. It guarantees the maintenance, updating and exploitation of both SNOMED CT, the most widely adopted clinical language globally, and any other clinical terminology used in the hospital (LOINC, ICD10, HPO and others).

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona has verified that using NLP tools saves time and costs. In this regard, ORBITS terminology server intends to extend the collection of data to a greater number of clinical texts and to improve in their quality.

Thanks to tools such as ORBITS and the adoption of SNOMED CT to structure the clinical language, the hospital center will be able to build a consistent and robust representation of Health Problems, making it the reference point for patient care.

To ensure its long-term continuity, this agreement and its implementation will be in force from this September and for the next five years.

Bitac: a universe of clinical data at the service of healthcare organizations

Headquartered in the Barcelona Health Hub and with almost 15 years of experience in the Digital Health sector, Bitac is specialized in encoding data in international standards. Its function is to simplify, optimize and automate in real time all the content and terminological resources that are generated in the different organizations in the health field: hospitals, laboratories, insurers and health areas. Its SaaS tool, developed in-house, acts as a semantic hub for the electronic medical record, guaranteeing the interoperability of the information.

Check out more information in their website here.