Amazon Web Services features the HumanITcare success story – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member HumanITcare has been featured as an example of a company operating with advanced cloud computing in the Spanish region by Werner Vogels, CTO and VP of BHH member Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As the blog mentioned, “it’s inspiring to see how companies like Barcelona-based HumanITcare are leveraging the cloud to improve the healthcare experience for both medical professionals and patients. A problem that many doctors face is that they lose track of how their patients are doing as soon as they leave the clinic. To get more information and collect more data means another office visit, which costs everyone time and money, and puts additional strain on an already overburdened system.”

HumanITcare has built a connected health solution, which is an event-driven monitoring and analytics platform on AWS that provides healthcare professionals with real-time patient data collected from wearables, at-home medical devices, and third-party fitness applications.

Equipped with a constant stream of data, doctors can more easily observe a patient’s condition over time, and even use deep learning models to predict patient outcomes. And all of this can happen without an in-person visit. The company is working with more than 20 hospitals in the EU and has closed a big agreement with different pharmaceutical companies.

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