Discover ReHub+, DyCare’s new project – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member DyCare, the Spanish startup behind the rehabilitation platform most used by patients and professionals, receives the Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Council and a grant of more than 800,000 euros from the CDTI. The technological evolution of ReHub will allow, among other things, to help patients with chronic respiratory problems.

ReHub+ is DyCare‘s new project to take the ReHub rehabilitation platform, even further. With ReHub+, the company, founded by Silvia Raga and Ricardo Jauregui, plans to incorporate those with chronic respiratory problems into the platform. “In this way, we will cover 90% of people who need rehabilitation”, adds Silvia Raga, Biomedical engineer and CEO of DyCare.

DyCare‘s proposal has been endorsed with the Seal of Excellence of the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the Horizon Europe program, in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

This translates into financial support of more than 800,000 euros, channeled in Spain by the Center for Technological Development (CDTI). Less than 8% of the 5,400 companies submitted to the call, of which DyCare was part, were recognized with the Seal of Excellence by the European organization.

In 2021, the launch of ReHub meant the arrival on the market of the first tool capable of carrying out remote rehabilitation in a safe, effective and measurable way thanks to the combination of sensors and intelligent algorithms. All under the constant supervision of professionals.

In parallel, one of the main values of ReHub is that it is certified as a medical device. Through close collaboration with leading public and private institutions, they are proud to advance research and promote evidence-based care for better rehabilitation practices.

Respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases affect 2.3 billion people worldwide, with 300 million new cases each year. “Neither essential pulmonary rehabilitation nor multidisciplinary interventions are currently well implemented due to lack of awareness and scarce resources”, adds Ricardo Jauregui, CTO of DyCare.

Aiming to maximize treatment efficiency in overburdened healthcare systems, ReHub+’s comprehensive, cross-cutting solution will encompass patients with chronic respiratory diseases, post-COVID19 respiratory sequelae and musculoskeletal problems.

“The platform ensures high-quality, affordable care. Treatment is personalized, monitored by advanced artificial intelligence technology with Computer Vision or with patented inertial sensors (the only ones capable of measuring movement and force) whose results are controlled and analyzed at all times by a professional,” Jauregui notes. DyCare‘s CTO emphasizes that the approach to the patient is non-invasive. “In the case of pulmonary rehabilitation, you only need to wear a wristband pulse oximeter and a respiratory band.”

ReHub+ will be available for commercialization over the next year. With more than 1 million therapeutic exercises performed from ReHub and a 90% satisfaction rate, during the first quarter of 2023, DyCare will pilot ReHub+ through a multicenter study together with two leading Spanish hospitals in the field of respiratory rehabilitation. “It is essential to guarantee the total reliability of the platform as part of our commitment to safety above all else. We are the architects of a pioneering innovation, but we did not want to be satisfied,” explains Silvia Raga.

“The evolution of ReHub is the result of innovation and an unmet need. The platform demonstrates its flexibility; it is open to the incorporation of new technologies and functionalities. Being able to respond to patients with respiratory problems puts us in contact with millions of potential new users. It is a before and after for the company,” says Raga.

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