Outstanding Leadership Award for Silvia Micalo of BHH member Sunshineoxygen Healthtech – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services is not only an ethical responsibility of nations, but it is also an essential requisite to revitalize the world’s economy. In such a scenario, the onus of finding solutions to global health issues lies on healthcare professionals, policymakers, CEOs, innovators, and visionaries across a broad spectrum of specialties.

The Health 2.0 Conference Dubai, held on 16th to 18th of December, attempts to reimagine the realm of healthcare by uniting some of the most distinguished experts from a wide range of specialties. The conference spotlights the latest developments in the domains of healthcare and wellness on its vibrant platform, while promoting networking, and the exchange of ideas between forward-thinking individuals and companies.

Health 2.0 has recently honored Silvia Micalo, CEO of BHH member Sunshineoxygen Healthtech with the Outstanding Leadership Award for her contributions to the healthcare field. Silvia is not only CEO, but also author of the book “Healthtech Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Can Define and Build the Value of their New products”. Congratulations!