How much does it cost to develop an App? – #BHHMembersInitiatives

As happens when making any other product, making an app requires resources and different professional profiles. BHH member GooApps® has written a guide in which explains the cost of developing an app. The main variables that characterize these resources are the time and experience of the profiles involved.

The main variable is time, so it’s important to acknowledge the correlation between time and the functionalities and complexity of developing a mobile app. The functionalities and factors such as its technical architecture, integrations with other systems, APIs, or volume of screens and buttons, in addition to the logic required for each of them, will determine the development time.

“The most complex developments may require highly personalized programming, in addition to the possibility of integrating IoT devices, wearables or implementing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and virtual or augmented reality,” describes GooApps®. Standard features, on the other hand, are much easier to implement.

The second main variable is the experience and the location of the profiles involved in the development of the app. The price/hour of a development team has a strong dependence on the geographical location of the company, as well as the experience and training of the team. For example, hiring the services of an American company can cost up to €250/hour, while on the other side, they have Asian countries such as Indonesia, where they seem to be happy with €20/hour. A good example of a “median” price range would be the majority of countries in southern and eastern Europe, which are around €60 to €90/hour.

Therefore, the cost of building a custom App varies between €18,000 and €70,000 or more, depending on its complexity, or the time it takes to develop it.

Read the whole guide HERE.