Meet BHH Ambassador Orlando Vergara: “Governments need to invest in health defense & security”

Meet the BHH Ambassadors! They are highly renowned experts in the field of digital health. They will spread the word and help Barcelona Health Hub to promote innovation in digital health and consolidate BHH as an international reference hub.

Barcelona Health Hub had the pleasure of welcoming BHH Ambassador Orlando Vergara at the BHH Headquarters. BHH ‘s General Manager Eva Rosell took the opportunity to ask him some pressing questions!

In this new series of BHH Ambassadors Interviews, the digital health entrepeneur talks about the importance of healthcare and how the governments will have to invest in both health defense and security to fight future pandemics. He also explains how the resources have to be used in order to prevent diseases rather than to combat them.

And to top it all, you will also find out if Orlando prefers Barcelona or Silicon Valley.. watch the interview in Spanish here!