Great success of the Regenera 2023 Congress – #BHHMembersInitiatives

This weekend, February 4 and 5, the Regenera 2023 Congress was held in Barcelona, with the title: “Knowledge, science and health”. This is the first face-to-face event held by BHH member Regenera after the pandemic and it has been a resounding success both in person, with a full capacity of 300 attendees, and online. The event was broadcast via streaming for more than 16,000 people who connected from 50 countries.

The first day of the Congress began with the welcoming of the attendees and accreditations, to give way to the first speaker, Néstor Sánchez, founder of Regenera and expert in Clinical Psiconeruoimmunology, who gave a scientific presentation on anti-aging and the keys to healthy aging. Néstor Sánchez’s presentation was followed by the keynote of Gerardo Ruales, dentist and specialist in temporomandibular dysfunction, who gave a presentation on Neurobiology of oral solutions.

At the same time, in Classroom B of this Congress, one of the exclusive workshops of the face-to-face version took place, led by the teacher Rober Sánchez, entitled: “Movement, much more than exercise”. Back to the Aula Magna and after the first coffee break of the day in which attendees could enjoy the stands of the sponsors of the Congress: 100×100 Natural, Vitae, Hifas da Terra, Cobas Laboratories, CFN Products and Alkanatur, the presentations resumed with the intervention of Antonio Carmona, physiotherapist expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, who gave a presentation about Microbiota and estrogens. By lunchtime, the Streaming broadcast of the Regenera 2023 Congress had already reached more than 6,000 people.

On the way back, after two free hours, the audience was able to attend the workshop offered by Irene Fernandez, director of the Master in Functional Fertility and Hormonal Health at Regenera University and expert in physiotherapy and Clinical Psiconeruoimmunology, on the Symptothermal Method. Parallel to Irene Fernandez’s workshop, Laura Pastor, physiotherapist specialized in urogynecological reeducation and university expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, offered the workshop “Sex On/Off” to the attendees of Aula B. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Sari Arponen, director of the Master in Integrative Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases at Regenera University, who gave a lecture in the Aula Magna on Celiac disease and autoimmune diseases.

The Congress continued with a presentation by one of the founders of Regenera, Xavi Cañellas, who thrilled the audience in person and the online audience with a presentation on systemic and systemic family therapy, entitled: “Order precedes love and other things of happiness”. While Xavi Cañellas’ presentation took place, in Classroom B of the Regenera 2023 Congress, attendees enjoyed the workshop given by Cristina López, expert in personal, organizational and executive coaching, entitled: “The mind and the heart: the journey to your healing and new possibilities”. This was followed by the last lecture of the first day of the Regenera 2023 Congress, given by Dr. Blas López Rueda, entitled: “Bioactive substances of medicinal mushrooms and their mechanisms of action”.

To end the day, came one of the most emotional and special moments of the weekend: the presentation of diplomas to the students of Regenera University. The second day of the Regenera 2023 Congress began with a presentation by Antonio Valenzuela, expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Osteopath with more than 17 years of clinical experience, who spoke to the attendees about Neuroinflammation and multiple sclerosis. At the end of his presentation, it was announced that Antonio Valenzuela will be the Director of the next Master in Microbiota to be launched this year at Regenera University. After Antonio Valenzuela’s presentation, one of the founders of Regenera, Carlos Perez, spoke about Love and pain as engines of growth.

Parallel to Carlos Pérez’s presentation, a workshop was held in Aula B by Xavier Aguado, chef of Bionbo Gastrobar and co-author of the book Prebiotic Food. In this workshop, Xavier was demonstrating prebiotic recipes and announced the launch of his book, next December. The last lecture of the day was given by David Vargas, founder of Regenera and expert in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. The attendees of the Regenera 2023 Congress were able to learn about Central Sensitization with David Vargas.

After this last presentation, the four founders of Regenera took the stage to say goodbye to the event together with Juan Carlos Cebrián, CEO of the company, with a round of questions in which the audience could intervene.

Photo credits: @swingyourpics