Meet BHH Ambassador Therese Jamaa: “It took a pandemic to realize the importance of digital health”

Meet the BHH Ambassadors! They are highly renowned experts in the field of digital health. They spread the word and help Barcelona Health Hub to promote innovation in digital health and consolidate BHH as an international reference hub.

Barcelona Health Hub was happy to welcome BHH Ambassador Therese Jamaa at the BHH Headquarters. She met with BHH’s Chief Communications Officer Marja Huiskamp to discuss some interesting topics regarding digital health!

In this new series of BHH Ambassadors Interviews, the Vicepresident of Huawei Spain explains how healthcare was not yet a prime concern. Unfortunately, we needed a pandemic to realize that healthcare must be a priority. She shares the necessity of being prepared with healthcare innovation and new technologies.

Get to know BHH Ambassador Therese Jamaa a little bit more. Watch the exciting interview here!