mHealth: What is it and why should you count on it – #BHHMembersInitiatives

mHealth is the use of mobile and wireless devices (tablets, smartphones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants) to improve health outcomes, healthcare services, and health research.

This includes health applications, wearable devices, and other mobile systems designed to help people monitor their health and receive personalized information.

Mhealth is used to make healthcare more accessible and convenient, as well as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare.

The key to mobile apps in the health sector

  • Provide accessible and user-friendly health information
  • Improve communication between patients and health professionals
  • Health monitoring and follow-up
  • Facilitate informed decision making

In summary, mobile apps in the healthcare sector have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare, increase efficiency and reduce costs. By providing easier and more convenient access to healthcare information and services.

Growth in the mHealth market

The mHealth market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and is expected to exceed USD 223,765 million (EUR 209,780.84) by 2025. This is why we are at a pivotal moment to develop a health app.

In recent years, the number of healthcare applications has increased exponentially. With the help of the Internet, healthcare professionals can deliver health information to patients more conveniently, in less time and at reduced costs. Increasing preference for mobile and internet technology and growing demand for digital health is expected to drive market growth.

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