Regenera is open to professional investors to further accelerate its growth – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Prevention is better than cure, could be the motto of BHH member Regenera, a company in the field of integrative medicine, dedicated to preventing the symptoms that arrive at their medical practices from becoming persistent or reappearing in the form of chronic disease, in order to improve the quality of life of their patients.

The company was born in 2006 with the union of four professionals with their own practices in Barcelona, Girona and Mallorca, interested in offering training in this type of medical care complementary to traditional medicine. In 2021, the clinical part also joined Regenera, which is finalizing the opening of its new clinic this year in Madrid.

Regenera had a turnover of 3.3 million euros in 2022, with an ebitda of close to one million euros, and expects to double this figure by 2023. The training branch accounts for 75% of its revenues and the medical intervention branch for 25%. Meanwhile, in the last quarter of 2023, it also plans to start marketing its diagnostic software, which integrates patient information and facilitates its interpretation with big data and artificial intelligence, according to the company’s CEO, Juan Carlos Cebrián.

The company’s future plans are to multiply by six the turnover of the educational branch in five years and by eleven the clinical intervention branch, increasing from 15 to 60 therapists by 2027, and for this, it is looking for a strategic partner to help accelerate growth, and even to provide new business units, for example linked to food or more technological tools. The new investor’s entry route will be up to 30% of the capital portion, valuing the company between 15 and 20 million, with the target of raising between 3 to 6 million euros.

Juan Carlos Cebrián explains what integrative medicine consists of: “80% of the visits to outpatient clinics are dysfunctions, i.e. symptoms that are not chronic, but become pathological. We can cure or improve dysfunctions and many times it does not depend on drugs, but on changing the patient’s habits or the causes in their environment that produce these dysfunctions. When the symptoms require medication, we refer them to the appropriate doctor.”

The key factor in this approach is the time to listen to the patient and understand not only what is wrong, but what has triggered it. While a traditional doctor’s visit lasts about 10 minutes, the first visit at Regenera is an hour and a half and subsequent visits are an hour and a half. Treatments usually last between three and six months and their patients include people with bowel disorders and fibromyalgia, among other examples, who are looking to improve their lives beyond drugs.

In such cases, they can achieve this by changing their habits, from their diet and rest to their relationship with their environment in order to reduce emotional and mental burdens.

In its clinics and classrooms, Regenera applies a transversal health approach that draws from four sources: traditional medicine, molecular biology, biomedicine and neuroscience. In fact, its star Master’s degree is in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, and in 2023 it is launching a Master’s degree in microbiota and another in sports performance.

Regenera‘s students are mainly health professionals, although some patients also enroll. Its database now numbers 170,000 people, of whom 40,000 are health professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, biologists, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists.

Before the pandemic, Regenera also launched its spin-off, Regenera Élite, a sports performance agency that works with footballers such as Marcos Llorente, Gerard Deulfeu, Luis Milla and Pablo Pérez, as well as the water polo player Paula Nieto and the motorcyclist Ana Carrasco. In the case of Gerard Deulofeu, it is also his representation agency.

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Photo credits: @swingyourpics