4YFN – Interview with Mikakus

Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members.

One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is BHH partner Mikakus. They are a Barcelona based sneaker design brand that reflects the energy, personality and style of the city.

Today we meet with Judith Rubinat of Mikakus, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN.

Judith, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Mikakus Barcelona?

I am the Deputy CEO and CMO of Mikakus Barcelona. Mikakus Barcelona is a sneaker design brand founded by the football player and world champion, Andrés Iniesta. He founded Mikakus with a group of friends which they kindly called each other mikakos.The brand was born in Barcelona during 2018, same year when the player move to Japan, a country that inspired the opportunity to create a sneaker brand from Barcelona that reflects the energy, personality and style of our city.

BHH is very happy to have partnered up with you. Could you share why you teamed up with Barcelona Health Hub at 4YFN?

Mikakus Barcelona is a brand that truly believes in innovation and in the value of cities as the epicenter of change and evolution. 4YFN, yearly, unites the talent that will transform the city in the Barcelona we envision. And Barcelona Health Hub is an innovation hub that facilitates change and helps shaping our future.

So we believe that this three-way collaboration is a genuine, honest partnership, as we share the vision of building tomorrow’s trends and ways of doing. Cities power our lives like curiosity ignites our imagination. Cities are about dreaming, about embracing talent, visions and changes, just like this collaboration.

Can you elaborate about what’s new at Mikakus Barcelona these days? 

We have just introduced the evolution of our name. We are adding Barcelona to our brand, Mikakus Barcelona, as a firm commitment to our city, Barcelona, and to cities themselves as a source of attraction for talent and energy. In addition, we are launching our summer collection 2023, inspired by the concept of time and which will have its maximum representation in our flagship store in Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya 74) and in our ecommerce

What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference?

From Mikakus Barcelona we are delighted to be represented at 4YFN through our product, which is what best represents us. Having the opportunity to cross paths with the talent and minds that work for the future of society and the city excites us so much, and the fact that this is happening in our city is truly a dream and an opportunity to keep dreaming together to continue to create the new tomorrow.

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

We would like to encourage all 4YFN visitors to wear a pair of Mikakus and get to know the city and our personality. That’s why we want to take the opportunity to offer the exclusive code 4YFNMKK with an additional 10% discount to all attendees so they can benefit from a special discount on our website and in our flagship store ubicated in the heart of Barcelona.

If you’re interested in meeting Mikakus, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 for the whole week. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you! More information here.