4YFN – Interview with Mediktor

Barcelona Health Hub returns once again to 4YFN 2023, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress next month. At the BHH stand you’ll explore cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions, provided by the BHH members.

One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is Mediktor, a BHH member since the beginning of the Hub. Mediktor is the most advanced AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis that has been clinically validated through trials with real patients. With a global reach of 28 countries and availability in many languages, Mediktor has years of experience in the field. Their mission is to improve access to healthcare all over the world.

Today we meet with Dr. Ernest Sarrias of Mediktor, who will share with us more about their expectations for this edition of 4YFN.

Dr. Sarrias, thank you for joining Barcelona Health Hub! It’s great to see you back at the BHH stand at 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Mediktor?

I am a medical doctor specializing in preventive medicine and public health. My background in healthcare, along with my training and experience in business management and administration, has allowed me to work in a variety of settings across North America, Latin America, and Europe. I have more than 20 years of experience working on a range of innovative and fascinating projects in for-profit, not-for-profit, and public care organizations. Nowadays, I’m proud to be a part of Mediktor‘s healthcare revolution, demonstrating how technology, when adopted, can transform organizations for the better.

We are facing a sanitary crisis. Resources need to be optimized, and the valuable time of professionals must be enhanced in order to stop the general burnout atmosphere surrounding hospitals and health systems around the globe. Mediktor‘s AI-based solution for triage and pre-diagnosis can help improve the flow of healthcare. It offers professionals fast, organized, and accurate decision support, driving patients online to the proper care pathway.

Can you elaborate about what’s new at Mediktor these days?

Mediktor‘s partnership with health insurance companies has achieved a significant positive impact on their care pathway. By working together, we were able to leverage the strengths to provide effective and accurate access to healthcare to their members. This type of partnership helps to expand the reach and accessibility of health services, making it easier for individuals to receive the care they need, while at the same time optimizing payers’ resources.

The results achieved by Mediktor in partnerships with health insurance companies around the globe demonstrate the potential for similar alliances to influence and benefit the healthcare industry. For example, we reached a Net Promoter Score of 95 in user’s satisfaction, showcasing how effective and user-friendly Mediktor‘s tool can be for users. Adopting AI-based technologies has shown to be an opportunity for health hospitals and systems to improve healthcare processes, innovation, efficiency and overall quality. We are looking and working towards integrating Mediktor into the care providers flow, this way, shaping the future of healthcare and helping to make it more accessible for everyone.

Previous years you have been present at the BHH Stand as well – we’re glad to see you returning to the digital health area of Barcelona Health Hub. Could you share why you decided to join once again?

The Barcelona Health Hub Stand is always a significant opportunity to interact with major companies, organizations, and individuals of the healthcare sector. It brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to network and collaborate on addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the industry. By taking part in the BHH Stand, Mediktor has the chance to communicate our revolutionary way of addressing access to healthcare worldwide and the latest advancements we have achieved in the last few months. It also provides opportunities for learning, growth, and professional development, making it a valuable experience for anyone involved in the healthcare sector.

You’re also participating in the #BHHPanel about “The Role of Hospitals as a Key Stakeholder for Digital Health Adoption.” Can you tell us what would be your key message at the panel?

We are currently living in an era of profound transformation in healthcare thanks to AI-based technologies and predictive modeling. Hospitals and health systems play a critical role in digital health technologies adoption. By investing in MedTech solutions, providers can truly elevate the user experience and improve the quality of care. With their expertise and influence, hospitals can help drive the widespread adoption of digital health and shape the future of healthcare.

What are you excited about these days at the 4YFN conference?

4YFN is an excellent opportunity to connect with other businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs in the field. We are looking forward to showcasing our solution for care assistance to new partners interested in taking access to healthcare to the next level. Additionally, by taking part in 4YFN, Mediktor can stay current with market trends, share its knowledge and experience, and get valuable feedback from its peers and the larger healthcare community.

Is there anything else you want to share with us?

The AI-based chatbot revolution has brought about a major transformation in the way healthcare is delivered to patients. With the advancement in natural language processing and machine learning, AI-based chatbots have become incredibly efficient in providing personalized and prompt medical assistance to patients. This is why 2023 is a key year in the sector. We are going to experience game-changing events that will have a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. This healthcare revolution is happening one way or another, the fact of the matter is to join it and leverage its potential.

If you’re interested in meeting Mediktor, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand 8.1D30 in Hall 8 during the whole week from February 27th until March 2nd. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you!

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