Meet BHH Ambassador Frederic Llordachs: “People define the success of a company”

Meet the BHH Ambassadors! They are highly renowned experts in the field of digital health. They spread the word and help Barcelona Health Hub to promote innovation in digital health and consolidate BHH as an international reference hub.

Barcelona Health Hub was happy to welcome BHH Ambassador Frederic Llordachs at the BHH Headquarters. The interview was conducted by BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell to talk about what defines the success of a company, which is people!

In this new series of BHH Ambassadors Interviews, the CEO and Co-Founder of Doctomatic talks about how he’s ‘the granpa of digital health’ due to the years he’s been in the sector. He explains how he tried to improve what already existed in digital health, following the ‘do-it-yourself’ mantra. He also talks about his expectations at the upcoming event 4YFN next week!

Discover more about Frederic has to say, and don’t forget to watch this interview before #4YFN here!