Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week – Dana

International Women’s Day is already here and Barcelona Health Hub is proud to give voice to those BHH members in female health in this Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week series. It is time to discover the women’s health voices present at the Hub!

BHH member Dana is a digital health solution for women transitioning into motherhood, improving mental health and general well-being, with an early detection of perinatal mental health disorders. Dana Medical is a medical device for early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of mental health disorders during motherhood.

Find out about Dana and listen to CEO Verónica Montesinos explain how they improve women’s health not just today, but everyday throughout the year. Watch it HERE:

Remember to join the upcoming #BHHTalk about “Female Leaders in the Health Industry: Challenges and Opportunities”, LIVE on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters.