Discover Scilife’s collaboration for their print and reconciliation success – #BHHMembersInitiatives

How many organizations have found themselves drowning in a sea of paperwork, desperately trying to keep track of every document and ensure compliance?

BHH member Scilife understands the struggle, which is why they’ve created solutions that streamline and automate processes for life science organizations.

Recently, Scilife collaborated with a top 5 pharma company to develop a solution for reconciling physical documents that can be used by any life science organization. This collaboration led to the creation of a centralized solution that is both user-friendly and scalable to thousands of users worldwide.

The problem with paper is that it can get lost, reconciliation can fail, and there is no audit trail. For a large pharmaceutical company with documents printed across multiple applications and vendors, it can be a nightmare to track and trace.

Scilife’s solution provides centralized controlled Print and Reconciliation that supports printing from any relevant application – tracking and tracing documents with ease. This ensures data integrity, as well as compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations.

Thanks to Scilife, life science companies can now seamlessly connect to their most used apps, tag and scan each printout or reprinting with unique barcodes for complete traceability and take rapid action to reconcile any missing documents.

For one major pharma company, the Scilife solution was successfully rolled out to over 6,000 users across more than 50 sites. With their ‘all heart and ears’ approach, Scilife developed a Print and Reconciliation solution that meets the challenges faced by life science organizations today.