Discover the definitive guide to hospital management software – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Hospital Management Systems (HMS) have become an essential tool to improve the quality of medical healthcare. They allow for better management of healthcare resources, facilitate access to patient information in real time, optimize the organization of appointments and medical staff schedules, and contribute to reducing medical errors and waiting times.

BHH member GooApps® explains in detail the benefits and the process of software development in hospitals and clinics, so that more healthcare organizations can offer better service to their patients, improving the quality of healtchcare and resource optimization.

The implementation of telemedicine systems is also beneficial from an economic point of view. According to a study carried out by BHH partner Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, telemedicine consultations have generated savings of 3.8 million euros and 1,875 CO₂ for society between 2019 and 2020.

Discover the benefits and the process for implementing Hospital Management Software in Hospitals and Clinics: A single platform to manage clinical and administrative processes HERE.