Apply for the e-Health Investment Forum at the Health Revolution Congress

Since 2020, Barcelona Health Hub, Medical Association of Barcelona (CoMB), EsadeBan and Barcelona Activa, in collaboration with EIT Health, have been organizing the e-Health Investment Forum: a unique and specific space for investing in digital health.

This year this co-organized event will celebrate its 4th edition within the framework of the Health Revolution Congress on May 17th. It will focus on clinical support decision tools.

Clinical decision support systems are computer systems designed to collaborate in real time in medical decision-making on individual patients. The recent emergence of large-scale clinical data, new technologies for its processing and the evolution in computing, are being decisive in the development of these tools.

This is your chance to apply for the e-Health Investment Forum. If your are a startup that develops digital solutions based on software, algorithms and platforms, that focus on helping clinicians make decisions in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of medical conditions and diseases, you can submit your proposal to the forum. The startups will then be selected in 2 categories: pre seed/seed (up to 1 million euros raised so far) and growth (more than 1 million euros raised so far) to do a pitch the day of the event.

As mentioned, the e-Health Investment Forum will be held in the afternoon of May 17th within the framework of the Health Revolution Congress, at the Llotja de Mar.

If you’re interested in this initiative of the Health Revolution Congress, submit your application for the forum HERE.