Meet BHH Ambassador Mar Alarcon: “I like to bring ideas from zero to ten”

Meet the BHH Ambassadors! With their extensive knowledge and experience in digital health, they aim to help Barcelona Health Hub in its mission to advance innovation in the healthcare sector.

After a long wait due to her busy schedule, BHH Ambassador Mar Alarcon cleared everything to meet with Barcelona Health Hub’s CEO Luis Badrinas. She is the Vicepresident of Foment del Treball, the biggest Catalan business association, and co-founder of 19N Strategies and BHH member Terapme.

Mar defines herself as a serial entrepeneur. She likes to initiate projects as she has a good eye to easily detect the lacks and needs these may have. She encourages “everyone out there who has interest to venture to just go for it”, as she advocates the power of getting out of your comfort zone.

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