Meet BHH’s new Digital Transformation Officer!

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that Antonella De Ceano-Vivas has joined the BHH Team as the brand new Digital Transformation Officer. Antonella will shed light on innovation and technology transfer within the health sector. Stay tuned for exciting updates from her soon! Antonella, welcome to the Barcelona Health Hub team! It’s a pleasure.

Cinfa and Barcelona Health Hub join forces to promote health solutions with a high innovative component

Cinfa, the pharmaceutical laboratory most present in Spanish households, has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to boost and promote innovative trends and projects in the healthcare sector. Through this union, carried out through Cinfa’s Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNext, both entities seek to promote innovative startup initiatives applicable to the current and future.

Revolutionizing MedTech: Sense4Care’s transforming Parkinson’s care – #BHHMembersInitiatives

A triumph of innovation and collaboration Born from a research project at the Technical University of Catalunya in 2009, BHH member Sense4care has rapidly evolved into a global medtech pioneer in the Parkinson’s arena. Boasting the world’s most extensive database of inertial data for Parkinson’s patients, they offer groundbreaking wearable systems to monitor and identify.

Real-time translation in healthcare during video consultation – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The corona crisis has ensured that screen care has made huge strides in acceptance and implementation among both practitioners and patients. Due to the ongoing pressure on healthcare and the unpredictable corona measures, many healthcare organizations have switched to providing hybrid care. Patients are supported both in person and via a video consultation. From now.

Sequentia Biotech presents its second Sequentia Disruptive Talks in the office – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Sequentia Biotech, that offers bioinformatics cloud softwares, custom softwares and bioinformatics consulting services for several fields, presents its second Sequentia Disruptive Talks in their offices. Sequentia Disruptive Talks are designed to bring knowledge together in an environment of scientific exchange.The event will consist of three short talks by top scientists presenting several success.

Edryx Healthcare developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Edryx Healthcare, the scaleup that believes that the healthcare revolution involves its digitalisation and humanisation, has developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia. Edryx Healthcare develops customised projects focusing on healthcare innovation with the aim of adding value and having a positive impact on people’s health. At the same time, they facilitate strategic.

Parc Taulí bets on artificial intelligence in the management of emergency services – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Parc Taulí has created a new unit in the emergency department, the Advanced Resolution Care Unit (ARA), made up of nurses and supported by an artificial intelligence software. With this new tool, the nursing team guides and treats patients with low complexity and high incidence pathologies, such as: cervicalgia, sprained ankles, urinary infections and vertigo,.

#MeetTheMembers – Unlimited Thinking

Meet the BHH members! Barcelona Health Hub presents its members while shining a spotlight on their remarkable work, significant accomplishments, overcoming challenges, and beyond. The interview for today is with BHH member Unlimited Thinking. They assist small, medium, and large businesses in overcoming any challenges they may be facing in the areas of marketing, innovation,.

The power of apps to improve mental health – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Mental health apps are digital tools created to improve people’s mental wellbeing by promoting positive mental health practices and preventing mental disorders. They aim to help the user detect pathological behavior patterns. BHH member Doonamis focuses on creating customized and effective digital solutions that help improve the user experience and address mental health issues in.

Institut de Formació Continua of the Universitat de Barcelona and BHH renew agreement to offer a 10% discount of Postgraduate in Digital Health – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The Institut de Formació Continua of BHH member Universitat de Barcelona still believes in the importance of the digital transformation in health sector. With the aim of training professionals in the health field to adapt and increase their professional development in the digital context that surrounds us and face new challenges, the Institut de Formació.