A perfect match: Making it easier for people to join Barcelona Health Hub

Nowadays most people know something about AI, Automation Tools and Chatbots. They are all great and simple tools to improve our day-to-day work and the lives of both users and providers. But have you ever wondered what makes the difference? What makes a chatbot the perfect fit for you or your business?

Serviceform Automation Tools got into contact with Barcelona Health Hub, as they fell in love with the tremendous behind the scene work to make Barcelona the center of innovation in the digital health industry. 

Serviceform is a SaaS company, as a Software as a Service company. You might think the main focus is the software itself – of course, they put the most effort into providing the best tool for their users. At the same time, Serviceform’s primary focus is the service they provide. They truly care about their partner’s needs and what made their software a good match for both parties.

Therefore, Barcelona Health Hub and Serviceform teamed up to create a personalized Serviceform Chatbot for the BHH website. It’s a great way to interact with the BHH members and to automate a lot of the day-to-day work. 

For Barcelona Health Hub, communication between the Hub and the world is one of its key pillars. With that in mind, Serviceform built a chatbot that helps web visitors to quickly learn about the BHH’s members, how to become part of the Hub and to find out about the upcoming events. 

The result is a 100% personalized chatbot that gives web visitors guidance and information that they need. Check out the homepage to see this new chatbot LIVE! While you’re on the website, check out for yourself the amazing BHH members and partners of the BHH ecosystem – and why not become a part of this growing, dynamic health hub too? 

Do you too want a cool chatbot that matches your business needs? Check out the Serviceform Chatbot.