Discover UrbanFisio’s postgraduate degree to their physiotherapists – #BHHMembersInitiatives

“We want to offer the best care to our patients by hiring and training the best physiotherapists in our health care center. For this reason, we pay their postgraduate education.”

These are the words of Irma Gutiérrez, Head Therapist and Co-Founder of BHH member UrbanFisio, the leading health care company in Spain providing personalized physiotherapy on demand service at home or workplace, when referring to the decision they made regarding payment of the master or postgraduate diploma to their team. This is a unique and pioneering proposal in the sector, as well as a firm commitment to improving their care services and their team professional development.

UrbanFisio is revolutionizing and transforming home healthcare by this unique proposal, because every health care professional must stay informed about the constantly changing world of healthcare,” explains Gutiérrez. In a market characterized by its fragmentation, local businesses, and job insecurity, UrbanFisio is committed to the stability, protection, and security of their permanent staff, bringing personalized physiotherapy at home services with their own dedicated team of more than 50 expert registered physiotherapists throughout the main cities in Spain.

Gutiérrez regards it as a matter of ensuring quality of care and the capacity to establish a relationship of trust between the patient and the professional: “This allows us to guarantee that our physiotherapists are focused on providing the best care to our patients, the best assessment and the best treatment, always promoting prevention and improving health outcomes through patient education”.

The original concept of UrbanFisio is also revolutionary. Since home health is their core business, their physiotherapists always take care of their patients at their own home, further personalizing treatments and becoming a relevant actor in the prevention of pathologies or the detection of new needs. “Home is the primary venue of care and it allows us to address living conditions, a truly person-centered care as social factors influence health” says Miguel de Santiago, CEO and Co-Founder.

UrbanFisio is making healthcare accessible and empowering people to live longer, better, healthier lives in their own homes. From the way a patient is treated by specialized therapeutic units (senior, women, neurological, chronic pain, etc.), with their own UrbanFisio multiply methodology to achieve a faster and more complete recovery, to providing the needed follow-up information.

“In addition, we are also developing AI-based triage, virtual health programs and remote patient monitoring solutions to help our patients in their recovery process. This value proposition will place us at the forefront of digital health, thus continuing the UrbanFisio revolution”, explains Gutiérrez.

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