Edryx Healthcare developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Edryx Healthcare, the scaleup that believes that the healthcare revolution involves its digitalisation and humanisation, has developed a healthcare personalization plan in Mutualia.

Edryx Healthcare develops customised projects focusing on healthcare innovation with the aim of adding value and having a positive impact on people’s health. At the same time, they facilitate strategic collaborations between health centres, medical associations, healthcare administrations and the pharmaceutical industry to meet today’s healthcare challenges.

This personalized plan aims to improve the healthcare offered to all Mutualia patients, stating the benchmark for the insurance company for occupational accidents in the Basque Country. In its develpment, separate focus groups of patients and professionals from different medical specialties from all Mutualia centers have participated. This collaboration will serve to establish the objectives on which to continue building better care for all its policyholders.

This initiative emerged from the Humans Foundation, with which Edryx Healthcare works together on several projects for the improvement of healthcare.

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