Real-time translation in healthcare during video consultation – #BHHMembersInitiatives

The corona crisis has ensured that screen care has made huge strides in acceptance and implementation among both practitioners and patients. Due to the ongoing pressure on healthcare and the unpredictable corona measures, many healthcare organizations have switched to providing hybrid care. Patients are supported both in person and via a video consultation. From now on, this is also possible if the therapist and patient do not speak each other’s language.

It becomes easy to understand each other

With the help of ‘speech to text’ technology, a translation option is offered, which is particularly intended when patients speak a different language than the practitioner. Subtitling can also be easily used for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Built-in software makes it possible to translate spoken audio in real time. This function can be activated by the doctor via a button on the taskbar in the virtual consultation room (online). The spoken words and sentences of the patient can then be seen as subtitles on the screen for the practitioner and vice versa. It is also possible to follow the entire conversation in a text box. As a result, language is no longer an obstacle in the communication between therapist and patient.

World’s first video consultation platform with live subtitles in 64 languages

Video consultations can be translated in real time into 64 different languages. The algorithm of the translation module is continuously improved.

Bert van Gerwen, CEO of BHH member Webcamconsult: “We clearly see that the market needs this. In Amsterdam alone there are 170 nationalities and they do not all speak the same language. In addition, we want to provide care worldwide with our cloud service. We facilitate that a patient from Canada or Ghana is helped is performed by a doctor from France, for example, or vice versa.”

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