Revolutionizing MedTech: Sense4Care’s transforming Parkinson’s care – #BHHMembersInitiatives

A triumph of innovation and collaboration

Born from a research project at the Technical University of Catalunya in 2009, BHH member Sense4care has rapidly evolved into a global medtech pioneer in the Parkinson’s arena. Boasting the world’s most extensive database of inertial data for Parkinson’s patients, they offer groundbreaking wearable systems to monitor and identify falls, events, postures, and motor symptoms associated with movement disorders and aging.

STAT-ON, their AI-driven, waist-worn, CE-marked class IIa medical device, revolutionizes Parkinson’s Disease (PD) management by identifying movement patterns and monitoring PD motor symptoms. Back in 2017 Sense4care received valuable funding support with 1M€ project through SME Instruments Phase II program, which paved the way for a successful introduction to the European market from late 2019. More recently, the device’s effectiveness has been further validated by the endorsement from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in January 2023, attesting to the significant impact of STAT-ON.

Forging global alliances for a brighter future

Sense4care‘s secret to success lies in forging strategic partnerships with multinational pharmas, distributors and other strategic partnerships across Europe. By offering specialized services and tailoring solutions to partner needs, they’ve established a strong presence in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Greece. At the same time, STAT-ON is used as the value proposal to be integrated in a Patient’s Support Program to provide extra valuable information on the patient’s state; as well as for clinical research, including clinical trials.

With over 500 devices deployed in Europe and South America, Sense4care is set to conquer the US market by obtaining FDA certification.

Empowering healthcare systems and enhancing lives

Dedicated to relentless research and development, Sense4care ensures STAT-ON‘s reliability through rigorous clinical and technical validation. The recent recognition from NICE has propelled them to focus on cost-benefit studies, aiming to prove that STAT-ON can reduce healthcare costs by optimizing patient therapy selection based on disease stage. This will ultimately alleviate the societal burden of Parkinson’s disease. Sense4care‘s unwavering mission is to enhance the quality of life for patients through cutting edge technology. Every day, they make strides toward a future where every individual can access better treatments through a reimbursement pathway within the healthcare system.

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