beHIT implements in Clínica Mi Tres Torres the first Artificial Intelligence medical assistant for ICUs in Spain – #BHHMembersInitiatives

beHIT, a company specialized in the development and implementation of solutions for the healthcare sector, standing out in Artificial Intelligence applied to health and the promotion of smart hospitals, has implemented in Clínicas Mi, a private hospital group of reference in Barcelona with BHH member Mi Tres Torres and in Lleida with Mi NovAliança, the Mona “Medical-On-Site-Assistant” system to provide ICUs with Artificial Intelligence.

This is a device located at the bedside of ICU patients that, through state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, analyzes the patient’s clinical data, focusing on the most relevant information, so that doctors and nursing staff can decide on the best treatment and dedicate more time to the patient.

The intelligent Mona system automatically verifies lab data, vital signs and lab values, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on the important data for their workflows. “A typical ICU patient generates up to 100 lab values per day. However, only a few of them are relevant to the treatment. Mona helps us filter that documentation so we can focus on what the patient really needs”, says Dr. Tomás Torres, Medical Director and intensivist at Clínica Mi Tres Torres.

Clínicas Mi has implemented this technology in its centers in Barcelona and Lleida to improve the treatment of its critically ill patients. “Our goal is to turn our network into smart hospitals at the forefront of technology, helping to improve the quality of medical care for patients”, adds Gaby Masfurroll, CEO of Clínicas Mi.

The implementation has been carried out by beHIT, Clinomic’s commercial and strategic partner in various geographies. beHIT specializes in the development and implementation of solutions for the healthcare sector, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence applied to healthcare and the promotion of intelligent hospitals. This implementation represents the company’s first deployment in Spain, although the system is installed in eight European countries, in over 50 hospitals, and has been part of the care of 150,000 patients each year.

“We have created a strategic alliance with the German company Clinomic to introduce Mona in the countries where we work and help hospitals meet the challenge of the growing demand for ICU. Our technology team helps hospitals integrate with their medical systems and devices”, says Teo Sardá, CEO of beHIT.

Mona at the ICU bedside

Mona, developed in Germany by Clinomic, a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University, reduces the documentation workload, giving doctors and nurses more time for patients. “This is another major challenge that Mona overcomes by improving the quality of care offered to the patient. According to a recently published study with the application of telemedicine in ICUs, the mortality rate can be reduced by 15-60% and hospitalization time is reduced by up to 30%”, adds Xavier Singla, Medical Director of beHIT.

With Mona, telemedicine sessions can also be conducted through a platform that allows doctors to connect securely and encrypted, enabling specialized care at the patient’s bedside.

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